UNITY Teacher Training Fund

In 2020, I was called to action when I heard George Floyd cry out for his mother while a policeman kneeled upon his neck and took his life. I no longer could remain silent about the rampant oppression of persons of color in this country. I could no longer sit back in my privilege and comfort and do nothing to support equity and justice.

As I began to educate myself, so many truths became evident. I had to confront my own biases. I had to sit in horror and discomfort as I read the tale of fellow Americans who live in a system that does not support or promote their growth and well-being. I had to acknowledge the appropriation of Yoga in Western culture and move toward more authenticity and acknowledgement of this ancient wisdom. So many lessons…too many to list here, but at the end of the day, I knew I wanted Nourish to be diverse and welcoming to ALL people. This is a lofty goal and I have a long way to go, but it begins by creating an environment where the student sees themselves reflected in their teacher. It became clear that I needed diversity in my yoga teachers!

The Nourish UNITY Teacher Training Fund was created to promote equity in the yoga field for Black people, Indigenous people, and other People of Color. We also want to include differently abled bodies and non-binary persons. Our minimum goal is to raise enough money to award full tuition to one individual a year. I have formed a committee to draft a charter which will outline the application process, determination of the recipient and so forth.

We kick off our fund raising with Brenna Lilly on March 21st as she leads us through the Ashtanga Half-Primary. All proceeds will go directly to this fund.

If you would like to donate to the Nourish UNITY Teacher Training Fund but are unable to attend this event, please send a check made out to Nourish BodyMindSoul to our office at 674 1st Crown Point Rd Strafford, NH 03884. Also, if you desire to join us in brainstorming fundraising ideas, please contact me at Lanta@nourish.works

I am so exciting to create a community that not only welcomes diversity, but celebrates it.

Much love,