Nourish News 1.20.2021

I am feeling hope full today. I see so many possibilities ahead and am excited to bring the energy of this to Nourish. In the next few weeks, you may notice some of the wording on the website will change to reflect something I believe in my core and in my Practice: We are a studio that celebrates each individual’s abilities and experiences. You may notice that our classes begin to look a little different as we strive to be more inclusive and accessible. Some of this transition may look clumsy. Growth and learning doesn’t happen without mistakes, but fear of making mistakes anchors us in status quo. I want so much more for us! I deeply believe that Yoga can benefit everybody. So with patience and compassion, we will open our arms and our community to learn to celebrate all bodies and all abilities. This doesn’t happen without you, my students. Familiar faces are just as important as potential new ones! Your Practice remains as cherished by me as the trust you put in me as your teacher. If you have any questions, please reach out! You can contact me at This path is new to me, and I, too, have a lot of learning to do! That includes from my community and students. You have been the heart and soul of helping Nourish grow through many transitions; I hope you’ll be part of this one too!

There are also a few changes happening to Thursdays on our schedule:

Kaitlin’s last class is this Thursday, Jan 21. Join me in wishing her all the best as she moves through her final trimester and welcomes a new baby to her family! Sheila will be stepping in to take over this time slot (9am) with a Gentle Classical Yoga Flow. She is excited to be adding an extra class to her offerings and we are honored that she is willing to do so. Enjoy her tranquil demeanor, insight and wisdom. This class will be in-person and online.

Chelsea’s 6pm class is evolving. Due to popular demand, she will now be teaching a Fusion class. This class will combine her love of Classical Yoga and Yoga Trapeze. The first 30 minutes of class will include discussion of Yoga philosophy. warm ups and asana, allowing the body to teach us about our unique anatomy, as well as our strengths and limitations. There will be an option to use the Trapeze for some of the poses, but not required. The second half of the class will focus on inversions which offers the options of strength building, deep stretching and core work. The class winds down with a deep relaxation and meditation. If you have wanted to try Yoga Trapeze, this is a great opportunity to learn how to incorporate it in your Practice. This class is limited to 5 people and pre-registration is required.

Last, but not least, I want to draw your attention to our next Intuition Circle, Sparkle & Shine, on Friday, February 5th 6-8:30pm with Hilary Crowley.

Let’s glow and sparkle from every cell in our body as we shine forward. This is not about forced optimism or over-zealousness. This class is about a grounded and centering power to glow from within yourself. We will look at all that sparkles around us including our sun, the stars, and ultimately our health. 
In Hilary’s class, you’ll experience the wisdom of your intelligent healing body as part of a circle of learning, sharing, and yes…sparkling! This is in person only and space is limited so, sign up here if your heart says “yes!”



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  1. That sounds like wonderful changes Lanta. I’m excited about another Sheila class! I’ve been somewhat restricted in movement over the last few weeks – issues with my hip that I’m not sure are with me to stay or not – so I’m grateful for gentle classes, although I’ve been taking yoga long enough to adjust as necessary for any class.


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