October 2020

Autumn is here and we welcome it with an outpouring of love for the Nourish community! 2020 has been quite a year of challenges and I am so grateful for your support! We continue to observe COVID protocols by limiting class size to maintain proper social distancing, as well as offering a remote option for all of our yoga classes. We take temperatures, require masks upon entry and use hand sanitizer for our in person students. The studio is disinfected after every class. Your safety and well-being is of our utmost concern.

I am always looking for exciting new offerings to share and this month, I am so proud to offer these 3 amazing workshops:

October 16 6pm Throat Chakra Workshop with Sheri McSheehy

The throat chakra is the first energetic center that differentiates man from all other life forms. In the ancient Kabbalah, man is referred to as “The Speaker”. This single attribute gives us the power to express ourselves on every level of experience. Please join us to honor this gift fully! Let’s join together and consciously commit to expressing our truth and sing the song of individuality clearly & with integrity. Through discussion, journaling, meditation and song we can find our voice & learn to speak our truth. Register here.

October 25 12pm Ancestral Journeying with Jess Waters

The Ancestors are with us now. Ancestral veneration is humankind’s oldest and most widespread spiritual practice, yet many of us in the West are displaced from relationship with or even knowledge of our ancestors. In this session, we use shamanic journeying (guided meditation) to seek health and wholeness through understanding the complex interconnected relationship between us and our dead. Register here.

October 31 12-4:30 pm and November 1 11am-1pm Intuition Intensive with Hilary Crowley

Do you know your personal intuitive power? Wondering how to grow your intuition? Is it more important to you now to honor your intelligent healing self? Have you been curious about creating authentic wellbeing in your life?Join us for this lively weekend intensive created to bring confidence, calmness, and inspiration to your life by claiming your innate intuition. 

1. identify your strongest intuitive senses and abilities. 
2. learn techniques to enhance your personal life, your career, and your relationships with your own power of intuition. 
3. expand your inner intelligence by understanding the energy that flows around you and within you. 

Register here.

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