Open Your Heart.

Today we move up to the heart chakra. I like think that the solar plexus chakra is the throne to your great big heart! It supports you with the courage to love and be loved openly and freely. The heart chakra is associated with the color green and the element, air. Engaging in pranayama, breath exercises, helps to create balance in the heart center.

Take a moment to connect with your heart center. Repeat to yourself “All love resides in my heart”. Observe how this feels. Does this statement feel true? Maybe we need to fuel it with prana/breath/energy~ a 3-part breath, and some movement.

Begin by finding a comfortable seat. Breath into the belly, then into the lower ribs, feeling expansion in the side body, and finally drawing your breath all the way up to the top of your chest. As you exhale, release top to bottom, drawing the navel back to spine. Do 10 rounds of breath and then, observe how you feel as your breath returns to it’s natural state. Come onto all fours in a table top position. As you inhale, let the belly sink down, the heart lifts and you look up. As you exhale, tuck the tail, draw your navel up, press through the hands and release the head. Move through cat/cow at your own pace, allowing yourself to connect with heart center. After a few rounds, draw your bottom back to your heels in child’s pose. Stay as long as you would like.

Notice that it only takes a few minutes to open your heart!

With love,

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