Perseverance: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success

Ugh! Perseverance….that is what is being asked of me today.

Last night, I attended my aerial dance class and we worked on new foot locks. These foot locks are realized by holding yourself up on the silks, and getting into the lock via moving your legs in such a way that you wrap the silks twice around your ankle then tuck your knees to create a base to step your heels into. Did I mention this was happening while you hold yourself on the silks? We also worked on an S lock that began with a straddle inversion which I can not do. So the evening was spent working on holding myself up unable to realize the foot lock without a lot of assistance or practicing my knee ups because my straddle is not there yet.

I am vacillating between a pity party and knowing that this is just a step and I need to keep working. I remind myself that I have had 3 c-sections, plus a mesh implant just over a year ago. I remind myself that I was able to hold up and wrap once out of the many tries. I feel frustrated today and a little cranky. My hot tub also died and that messes with my whole morning routine, plus do I need to change the name of my yoga blog if I am no longer musing from my hot tub? Meow!

So the beauty of yoga is that it teaches that life is impermanent. This frustration is impermanent. My inability is impermanent. I can rest assured that for better or worse this too will change and today, that is all that I have.

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