I have been absent on here for awhile. Processing the loss of my father. Experiencing such a sense of being unsettled. I went to Florida to see my brother and his family and that was such a time of healing sprinkled with sunshine, laughter, tears, heart to heart conversation, sarcasm and way too much food…and wine. Oh, and I shouldn’t leave out wading into the 64 degree pool to celebrate being alive. Wowzers!


So. I am back. Ready to continue on my journey of self-expression and aerial/burlesque dance. I have had moments of reconsidering over the past few weeks. As I recognize in myself this pattern of chasing down and begging for love…attention…external validation, I started to wonder if the desire to do these things is yet another form of that. See, I am not a washed up crone. I am able to be an object of beauty…something to be desired. Gratefully, that was a brief foray into my psyche. On the other side of that, I recognize that I am on a journey of claiming my self…all of myself…some of it is beautiful, but some of it is not. Or maybe, I should rephrase. It is all beautiful, it just may not be “perfect”. Embracing myself as whole is really where this journey began and I am grateful to be back on that path. Radiant. Self aware.

As always, thank you for reading. I love to hear from you. Feel free to comment and share your experiences of self acceptance and stepping into your own radiance. <3

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