You have been following this journey. You have seen me condition and train. You have watched me face my relationship with food and redefine how we are going to live together. I hope I have shared equally the accomplishments and the struggles because they show up in equal measure. What I haven’t shared (denial, anyone?) is that over the past two weeks, I have felt my recovery time getting longer. I have been noting more aches and pains. I am tired all of the time.

Last Tuesday, at my aerial class, I had to leave early. I mean, I could have stayed and supported my friends, but I didn’t trust myself to stay off of the silks and I was hurting. My left knee was hyperextended. I have a strain in my right hamstring. Both my elbows were aching due to demands on my biceps. My fingers in both hands were tingling and my right shoulder felt weak. I was done. For that evening.

As I drove home, I began to see the divine intervention….no Yoga by Donation next week due to tech week for a local theater group. No Tuesday aerial class next week due to pictures. I could rest.  I no sooner made this decision to give myself a week off than an email came in to my inbox from an aerialist I follow. It was discussing that aerialists should take 1 week off for every 2 months that they train. When was the last time I took a break? It was March. I am overdue.

So, that is what I am doing right now. Resting. Massage. Heat. Ice. Aleve. Water. Sleep. Foam roller. Repeat.

I have every confidence that when I resume my aerial class on Thursday that I will be the better for the rest.

Stay tuned.


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