Rut Roh! Day what!?!

Well, clearly I am not a prolific blogger. lol I have just returned from an amazing weekend in NYC. I was able to participate in the Women’s March and spend time with a great friend. I am glad to be returning to my routine and to my yoga Practice, however. I often feel the need to root or become grounded after traveling.


So this morning, this made its way across my Instagram feed: “You’ll know the truth by the way that it feels”. YES. As I journey along, noting my experiences, one thing I am reminded of again and again is to listen for truth. If I am turning outward, attaching my happiness to something outside of myself, this is not truth. This is suffering waiting to happen.

The balance that I am seeking to maintain is to be body aware, to be building strength, but to be in the experience, not attached to the outcome. This is so challenging for me. Thinness is beguiling to me and when I achieve it, I become very attached to maintaining it. This attachment triggers food aversion and down the rabbit hole I go. I am continuing to meet myself with compassion, but also be vigilant about turning inward toward my light and away from the mirror.

I have class tomorrow and am staying after to go over a 6 week plan my instructor has designed for me. Finally! I am beginning to move in the direction I want. Building strength and stamina. Defying gravity.

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