Schedule 4/21-4/27

Happy Easter!

As most of you know, I am away in VA/MD seeing family and friends.

I am very grateful to say that ALL of my classes will run this week due to some awesome subs and I will be back to teach Friday 9am at the Bow Lake Community Club.

Take some time this week to contemplate surrender. It is such a powerful support of transformation and rebirth. How can you soften into what IS instead of resisting? What can be amplified as you soften?  Joy? Love? Self-care? Relaxation? A sense of spaciousness in your breath, your body, your mind?

Remember that Chelsea, a teacher in training that I mentor, is stepping up to cover Monday’s 6pm class. Bring your beginner’s mind and support her in facilitating this class for you. What a beautiful opportunity for all of you! ❤️

There is one spot left in my Lyra Arts 5 week session which begins Monday, April 29 10:30am. Learn a complete number on the lyra with complementary choreo. $105. The Aerial Conditioning 5 week session begins Wednesday, May 1 10:30am and builds strength and familiarity with aerial apparatuses. $75 for 5 classes or $20 drop in. Go to to sign up.

Lastly, tickets are on sale for my Burlesque Troupe’s debut performance on April 27. No tickets will be sold at the door, so if you are planning on attending, you can buy tickets here.

Wishing you a lovely week!



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