Schedule for Feb 12-18 with fun news!

So much happening this week. At Peace Tree Yoga, we continue to explore the Art of Welcoming accompanied by the Morning Call mantra. At the Bow Lake Grange Hall, Steven Bachman will be joining us for a special 30 minute sound meditation on Wednesday 2/14 directly following class. His offering is also by donation. If you decide to stay on, be sure to bring a pillow, blanket, or extra layer to be comfortable and warm. I will also be continuing with our exploration of the yamas or restraints, interweaving discussion on aparigraha or non-greed. Release you attachments to belongings and let your heart soar. Sound good? Heck, yes!

Join me at:

Peace Tree Yoga M/W 9am

Bow Lake Grange Hall M/W 6pm and Fri 9am

Can’t wait to practice with you!