Schedule Week 2/10-2/16

This is a fun week for me. I always celebrate Valentine’s Day by making a special dinner for my guys and spending the evening as a family. My middle son was born 2 days later, so we are also celebrating his birthday this week. Happiness abounds. I am grateful to have the presence of mind to recognize the abundance in my life. I am also grateful to be part of a yoga community that supports me in maintaining this mindset. I encourage you to step away from Hallmark traditions, from thoughts of what isn’t available to you and appreciate the simple bounty in your life….a comfortable robe, a cup of tea, coffee(!!!), a rich chocolate, to be with a loved one in whatever capacity is available to you. Count the blessings. See the riches beyond material things.

This week at Peace Tree Yoga, we will continue to explore heart centered action in my yoga classes. Monday and Wednesday 9am.. Also, if you have been curious, it is not to late to sign up here for my 5 week Lyra Arts class which begins March 4 at 10:30. No experience required. Experience the joy of flying!

At the Bow Lake Community Center, we continue to explore the ethical foundation of yoga, moving on to Saucha or self-purification. This philosophy will be embodied with movement and breath work to facilitate a sense of radiance. Join me Moday and Wednesday at 6pm and Friday at 9am.

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