Schedule Week 4/14-4/20

What a beautiful morning! It is easy to feel connected and in tune bathed in the warmth of Spring and bird song! I am teaching this morning (Sunday at 9am) and it is likely that I will harness this verdant joy and reflect it back in my class.I will also be teaching on Monday and Wednesday at 9am as we continue to connect with the mantra So Hum and cultivate a sense of personal emergence from rooting and connection. The Aerial Conditioning and Lyra Arts Sessions begin again April 29 and May 1. Only one spot left, so don’t hesitate! I am contemplating replacing the Aerial Conditioning class with another Lyra Arts class to meet these demands and would welcome any feedback.

At the Bow Lake Community Club, we move on to the 6th limb of yoga, Dharana or concentration. Having relieved ourselves of outside distractions, we now turn to the distractions of the mind.In concentration, which precedes meditation, we learn to slow down the thinking process by concentrating on a single object, image or sound. I look forward to sharing this practice with you. Monday and Wednesday 6pm and Fri 9am.

Yours In Yoga,


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