Schedule Week of 11/18-11/24

This week as we go into the Thanksgiving holiday, there are a few schedule changes to note.

I will be teaching at:

Peace Tree Yoga Mon 9am only

and at

the Bow Lake Community Center Mon 6pm only.

Lois will be kindly subbing the  Wed night 6 pm Yoga by Donation class! There will be NO CLASS on Friday!

We will resume our normal schedule the following week!

As you go into this week, remember to check in with yourself. Ask “how am I feeling?’ and then, “what do I need to invite in to feel more in balance and at ease?’. Set that as your intention and try to act in accordance with iy.

Some suggestions for intentions…..

~ Clarity (to see what is really happening, not what I am feeling which may be informed by old family patterns or dynamics)

~ Patience (with myself and others)

~ Loving kindness (because I know every one is doing the best they can)

~ Understanding (seek to understand other’s perspectives and feelings)

~ Compassion (I can hold space for other’s feelings with out having to fix things)

~ Non-attachment ( I let go of what I can not control)

~ Gratitude (notice what you have , not what you do not)

~ Love (when in doubt, just love them…and yourself)

Remember that you can witness your feelings and not react. Remember to use your breath and take extra special care of yourself! Sending you so much love and wishes for a joy-filled holiday!




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