Schedule Week of 11/4-11/10

I awoke early this morning and got to witness a beautiful sunrise. I know that it will be dark earlier this evening and I had to sit with the thoughts that brought. Irritability. A heaviness.

Then my mind wandered to our Nation’s midterm elections and my views on the patriarchy that is so pervasive. This belief system has caught us all up and limited all of us. I see men who stuff their emotions to “act like  a man” and then, hold that in the tension in their hips and backs and shoulders. And women. Sigh. Where do I begin to encompass the ways we have been affected by this way of thinking? So, these are the thought that run through my mind as I sit in my hot tub, blessed to watch the vibrant hues fill the sky as the sun greets the day.I take a deep breath and remind myself that in this moment, I want to be calm and I want to be connected with my inner light so that I can share it with others. I remind myself that we ALL  have that light within us. Unity. Inclusivity. Kindness. Compassion. Love. These are my guides. May they be yours.

Lastly, I  implore you to exercise your right to vote and when you do, vote for freedom and equality and opportunity for ALL people. Vote with love.

To support these virtues during times of change, join me at any or all of the following classes:

Peace Tree Yoga M/W 9am

Bow Lake Community Center M/W 6pm and Fri 9am

Yours In love. In Yoga.




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