Schedule Week of 1/27-2/2

I had so much fun last week exploring asteya or non-stealing. This yama kept coming up in conversations and felt so timely as I witnessed my friends stepping into personal responsibility, letting go of the need to be fulfilled by another and opening to possibility.  Truly beautiful

This week, we move onto the 4th yama, bramacharya or moderation. The word Brahmacharya actually translates as ‘behaviour which leads to Brahman’. Brahman is thought of as ‘the creator’ in Yogic terms, so what we’re basically talking about is behaviour which leads us towards ‘the divine’ or ‘higher power’. In exploration of this, I invite you to direct your energy away from external desires and instead, towards finding peace and happiness within yourself. This concept will be supported on the mat in my yoga classes this week.

You can find me at:

Peace Tree Yoga

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