Schedule Week of 2/17-2/23

How did it feel to act from the heart? To cherish yourself? Are these habits you desire to continue cultivating? I know they are certainly impactful in my life!

At Peace Tree Yoga, in my yoga classes, we continue to observe how we harness the energy or pressure of indecision and self doubt to act in accordance with our true nature, becoming one with the Universe. Mon and Wed at 9am. The last Aerial Condition Class of this session is Wed at 10:30. A new 5 week session will begin on March 6 and you can register here. This is a fun, high energy class focused on stamina, strength and flexibility.

At the Bow Lake Community Center, we move on in our study of yoga’s ethical foundation.This week our focus is on understanding Santosha or contentment, embodying it on and off the mat. Mon and Wed 6pm and Fri 9am.



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