Schedule Week of 3/10-3/16

Spring ahead! It’s hard to get into a Spring mindset with more snow predicted, but it is coming…I can feel it as I sit in my hot tub in the mornings and hear the birds sing where once there was just cold and silence. While we muster our faith that warmth is returning, it offers us a lovely opportunity to Spring clean, both inside and out.

At the Bow Lake Community Center, this week our focus is on the 4th Niyama, self-study or svadhyaya. Examining our actions offers us a mirror with which to see our conscious and unconscious motives, thoughts and desires more clearly. We will cultivate this awareness and practice letting go of what no longer serves our highest good. This practice can also be applied off the mat if you are so inclined.  😉

Monday and Wednesday 6pm

Friday 9am

At Peace Tree Yoga, in our Yoga classes, we are working with the Laya Yoga Mantra to fix our attention and energy on our higher Self, moving away from external distraction. Allow your Self to be elevated! Join me Monday and Wednesday 9am.

My aerial offerings continue:

Lyra Arts Monday at 10:30 and Aerial Conditioning Wednesday at 10:30.

Looking forward to seeing you!


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