Schedule Week of 5/27-6/2

This week, at Peace Tree Yoga, we finish up the exploration of contentment, moving from “I wish” to right action. At the Bow Lake Community Club, we will be exploring the 5th limb of yoga, pratyahara. This limb invites us to withdraw from or harness control of sensory impressions, which frees the mind to move inward.

“By withdrawing our awareness from negative impressions, pratyahara strengthens the mind’s powers of immunity. Just as a healthy body resists toxins and pathogens, a healthy mind resists the negative sensory influences around it. If you are easily disturbed by the noise and turmoil of the environment around you, you need to practice pratyahara. Without it, you will not be able to meditate.”~David Frawley

Join me at:

Peace Tree Yoga M/W 9am

Bow Lake Community Club W 6pm and Fri 9am

I look forward to seeing you on the mat!