Schedule Week of July 8-14

What a lovely few days it has been! I have been dining al fresco with my family and moving summer projects forward. I have also been checking in with myself multiple times a day to note how I am feeling and why? This practice has allowed me to feel more even tempered in the heat and more productive as I banish attachments to how something must look before I can begin. It has also created space to observe how best to interact with my teenage and pre-teenage sons…. which is calmly…lol

I encourage you to try it and share your findings. Allow your true Self to be revealed.

This self-discovery is supported by a lovely mantra ‘tat tvam asi’ or  “you are what you seek” at Peace Tree Yoga where I will be teaching Mon and Wed at 9am.

At the Bow Lake Community Club, I will be teaching Mon and Wed at 6pm and Fri at 9am. This summer, we are celebrating the yoga community we have created and growing in our yoga practice! We are working with mindfulness; deepening and strengthening our poses.

I can’t wait to see Practice with you!