Why Lanta? What people are saying.

It was a very rewarding experience and I felt great when I finished! She was a supportive, real, honest coach who made me feel inspired even on the days that I didn’t think I could do it! -Casey

Lanta has been great in reminding me that this is about making healthier choices, not a diet, both with her inspirational posts and personal messages. That it’s a lifestyle change and that you don’t have to make huge sacrifices to be healthy; every little modification makes a difference. -Mary

I know I haven’t posted at all, but I get a lot out of the posts, even just as reminders. I have been doing this with my sister, Mary, and I lost 8 pounds and have stopped some bad habits, and started some new better ones. I look forward to continuing with a commitment to more exercise. -Patti

In a bikini for the first time this season and had to just love what I saw. And know that it’s okay! I will never be that skinny, thigh gap girl. But i love my life and it’s All good! Thank you Lanta Bice Totten for showing me this. -Rian

Lanta provides an obtainable and realistic view to diet and exercise. She supports you on your journey by feeding your soul with inspirational words while guiding you towards the ultimate goal of finding balance and a healthy lifestyle. -Siobhan

Lanta helped me see my situation from a new perspective. Making small changes in my daily life have had a huge impact on my outlook and wellbeing. -Steph