Sophie Counsil

A dancer since childhood, Sophie has a unique history in performing arts. She has a 9 year career in bellydance throughout the Northeast, performing with various troupes as performer, co-leader and leader. Trained primarily in Fusion Bellydance, she also trained in American Tribal Style, and Egyptian Cabaret.
Sophie’s expansion into burlesque began in 2014, and has been performing her own fusion of burlesque and bellydance since 2017.
Modern burlesque, while maintaining its roots in classic striptease, style or theatrics, also now provides a voice of empowerment for its performers. Putting an emphasis on sexy rather than sexual, it’s become an art form for self-expression, challenging sexual objectification, orientation, and other societal taboos. Sophie has personally found burlesque to be a positive and empowering community, and enjoys introducing students to an art form of self love, humor, and sensuality.