Stay at Home

Yesterday, the Governor issued a “stay at home” order and closed all nonessential businesses and extended remote learning until May 4. I may have cried. I didn’t know I had any attachments to how long we would continue in this way. In the back of my head, I was thinking through April, so why the tears?

I have been pondering this all evening into this morning. I think I am lonely. I am accustomed to entertaining often, having lunch with girlfriends, dates with my husband, 5 yoga classes a week with my students. I miss the closeness, the camaraderie, the community. How do we reclaim it?

Over the weekend, I hosted and attending a Trauma Aware Yoga Training and was amazed by the richness and intimacy that was possible through a zoom meeting. We shared. We cried. We practiced yoga. We learned. A community of teachers looking to serve those who have experienced trauma, which in my opinion, is everyone.

So, I return to you committed to serve. We now offer online yoga 7 days a week with 2 classes a day Mon-Thurs! Yoga by Donation continues on Mon and Wed at 6pm. And I am offering a FREE Healing Circle lead by my sister every Sunday at 7pm. These classes can all be accessed by going to the website and under Classes, choose Online Class Schedule. From this page, you can purchase passes, make contributions for Yoga by Donation classes AND join a class by simply clicking on the title of the class. A few hints: Download the zoom app. When you enter a class, allow audio. It is your choice to start video and be seen, or not.

In the spirit of community, I remind you that the Nourish Facebook page is a great place to share your experiences with fellow yogis. Feel free to post reflections from practice, a picture from your day that inspires you, a yummy dish….anything! Also, if you have health goals that need further support, I have created another Facebook page called Live Your Best Life where I am sharing my journey of health and would welcome you to join me. Disclaimer: I do discuss Arbonne products that I use, but you are under no obligation to use or purchase anything to be a part of this page. I just recognize that with gyms closed, it is easy to fall into bad habits and I want to be your cheerleader in your best life. If you go for a run, share it. Want some inspo to get off the couch, share it. I am here for you!

So, this is how I aim to serve. You are not alone. We are in this together. Join me in nourishing our community.

So much love to you!