Step Into Self-Knowing

This month at Peace Tree Yoga, our focus is svadhyaya or self-study. In looking at ways to explain, inspire and explore this concept in class, I finally was able to put into words a practice that has been profound in my personal growth. It is simply this:

Ask these questions.

~How am I feeling right now?

~Why am I feeling this way?

~What knowledge can be gleaned from this observation?

~Does this way of thinking support me on my path?

Do this often.

By the nature of these questions, you will begin to notice patterns of thought or belief systems that no longer serve you. You may discover that you are ready to lay down an old way of thinking about yourself or a situation….ready to let go of an attachment to something beyond your control….ready to step into the light of your true nature.

Are you ready to commit to self-study?  Set a goal. How many times a day? Consider jotting down your findings. Feel free to comment here or reach out to me privately to share your goal and/or your discoveries.

I would love to hear about your journey.

In love and light,



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