It is Friday morning. I am headed out to teach yoga and am feeling excited to do so. I took a week off to bring my boys to DC to see my cousin, but now I am ready to move again…to feel myself lengthen and soften simultaneously. Yoga always brings me to a place that feels sacred; a place of surrender where as I deepen into discomfort, I am released. This physical experience is reinforced by the teachings that inform my moral compass. They illuminate the ways in which I burden myself with the confines of my attachments. Further invitation to let go. Lay down the mantle. I am intrigued by the dichotomy of releasing attachment to the physical realm while working so hard toward a goal that has so much emphasis on appearance. Not that there are restrictions in burlesque…all shapes and sizes are represented….but, there is an aesthetic which I find myself consumed with. I am constantly imagining music, costumes, dances for my birthday extravaganza. Which brings me back to the topic of yoga….I feel a sense of rightness in my actions as if I am returning to myself. I am grounded and confident in a way I have not been before… a tree with deep roots that flowers in the Spring. Yes. That.

So, off I go to teach, then on Sunday, I am attending an all day Burlesque seminar with 6 different instructors. Kind of nervous. Kind of excited. I surrender my discomfort and am released. <3

So much love to you.




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