The Salty Rose – Pepita Mylk

Made by the The Salty Rose Co., a business birthed by Alyssa Pittera, right here in Northwood! Pepita Mylk is a non-dairy milk alternative crafted from organic, US grown Pumpkin Seeds. It is similar in flavor to almond milk, but a more sustainable option- for the bees, and the water!  Made without preservatives, this product is made to order and delivered with a quickness- lasting 7-10 days in the fridge. Available in two flavors: Original unsweetened or lightly sweetened with Maple.  Pepita Mylk is packaged in quart size glass mason jars with a bottle deposit system to reduce our waste! $2 bottle credit when returned toward next purchase.
Original –  Filtered h20, Organic Pepitas, Himalayan Pink Salt
Maple – Filtered h20, Organic Pepitas, Local&Organic Maple Syrup, Himalayan Pink Salt

Original pepita mylk
Quart $8
Quart w/ bottle return $6

Maple pepita mylk
Quart $9
Quart w/ bottle return $7

Orders must be received by Thursday night at midnight to be available for pick up Saturday .

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