The truth will set you free.

The second Yama is satya or truth. I find it interesting that truth is below non-harming on our Yamas list as a reminder to carefully choose our words to do the least harm (or most good). But this speaks to so much more than just words!

Have you ever experienced a moment where you are so comfortable in your skin and in the actions that you are taking and it is just SO evident that you are on the right path? Or…have you ever been in a situation that you are uncomfortable with what is happening and your involvement and you are filled with a knowing that this is NOT your path? These are perhaps a litle dramatized for effect, but I am trying to illustrate how it might feel to be in your Truth or to be out of it. Take a moment and just reflect on that. When are YOU living YOUR truth? Do more of that.

Now, let’s venture deeper and contemplate discernment or seeing the truth beyond our ego or attachment. When we are able to let go of how we want or need something to look or someone to show up, we begin to see life as it is. It is heartbreakingly sad. It is heartbreakingly beautiful. We miss these nuances when we are wrapped up in ourselves and our false sense of how life should be.

Take time today to really stop and get honest with yourself. Shed the need for control or fear of not being enough and bask in your TRUTH. Revel in your strengths as well as your weaknesses ands stare unflinchingly into the eye of self-doubt.You are perfect! Let the truth set you free.

Always with love,

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