The Women’s Wellness Frontier

Farm-To-Table Event at Blue Moon Evolution, Exeter, NH,  July 14 @ 6 pm EDT

There is a powerful female wellness economy fueled by coaches, yoga teachers, energy workers, chefs, naturopaths, functional medicine doctors and other practitioners who are co-creating a health care system where people feel more engaged, inspired and accountable for their own health.  

The world needs women practitioners now more than ever to help strengthen people’s resilience, raise healthy children, help baby boomers age with grace, and believe that there is much more on the menu of health care then is currently being served up in the mainstream.

Forging this new frontier requires female wellnesspreneurs to step forward with a clear vision and commitment about what this new narrative can look like and how we can support each other. We’re in this together. Females make up the majority of holistic and alternative providers AND customers, so we have a huge amount of influence and collective strength to lift each other up.  

Join us for an intimate evening with four women who are making waves and forging their way as entrepreneurs as they share their challenges, their successes and their vision for what’s possible. The panel includes Kath Gallant, Lanta Totten, Hilary Crowley and Tracey Miller.  For more information, click here.