This week’s schedule and musings…..

Patanjuli’s Sutra II:38

Upon being established in brahmacharya (moderation), there is the attainment of vital energy.


Why am I sharing this with you the day after Christmas when moderation is so far from our experience? Well, it is to remind you that we need to observe moderation in all things, even moderation. I had a lovely, snowed in, Julia Childs sort of Christmas. Boozy. Excessive. Joyful. Fun. Today is the opposite, but equally excessive. Excessive napping. Carb loading. Rehydrating. lol And you know what? I am ok with this. I exercise and eat from a place of consciousness most of the time. I limit caffeine, alcohol and processed foods. I make as much of my food from scratch as I can (and did so yesterday, as well). I am completely ok with choosing to overdue it for two days and resume my schedule with renewed vitality and commitment to my health, tomorrow; returning to my Practice to ignite my internal fire as I strive to live my life fully, with gratitude  and vibrancy.

So, take a moment to step into ownership of your experience and then from this deeply grounded place, return to your Practice.

Join me on the mat at:

Peace Tree Yoga Wed 9am

The Bow Lake Grange Hall 6pm

There will be no class on Friday 12/29, not Monday 1/1. I will see you again next Wed 1/3.

With love,