Transform Your Work

I was changing the beds and as anyone who’s ever changed the top bunk of a bunkbed can appreciate , I was feeling a little less than gracious about the job at hand. Then, I saw my sons crumpled up shirt on the floor: the one he had ripped off to replace it with a pink one when he remembered he was celebrating his friend today. Suddenly, every mess, every stuffed animal discarded on the floor, every candy wrapper I found under the bed (Declan!) became a source of gratitude. I no longer felt put upon as I finished the last bed. I felt honored and grateful.

My study of yoga allows me to transform myself through service, love and devotion; to be the human being I want to be. These lessons are so amazing and I can’t wait to share them! If your “work” leaves you feeling unfulfilled or resentful, consider joining me at my workshop on March 26 from 2-4pm at Peace Tree Yoga. The cost is $25 and no prior experience is necessary.

Together, we can walk the path of Karma Yoga and transform your work from something onerous to something fulfilling and maybe, even devotional. <3

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