Transform: 6 weeks to self-love and acceptance


Transform is a 6 week series that establishes mindful care of our physical needs while exploring the relationship we have with our bodies and selves.

Develop habits that support you. Learn to live your life to its fullest by shedding negative thoughts and behaviors.

This program invites deep soul work via journaling, group based discussion and 1-on-1 coaching. Its goal is to set you on the path of profound love and compassion for yourself.

If you have an internal voice constantly telling you that you are not good enough or strong enough or smart enough, this is for you!

If you look in the mirror and can’t love yourself or don’t feel worthy of receiving love from others, this is for you!

If you think that if you do just a little more, lose a few more pounds, eat better, that you will be happy, this is for you!

Look for our next group offering in 2018!

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