Week of 12/2-12/8

Happy December! I am continuing to seek a more mindful and meaningful holiday season.

Last week, we cultivated contentment and practiced noticing thoughts that don’t support this profound acceptance. This week, we will begin to curate our month. Make a list of the traditions and activities that are important to you. Get out your calendar and write these in. Create space to be with those you love and doing things you love. Don’t forget to leave space to rest. Observe how you are feeling as you do this. Has your breathing changed? What needs to shift for you to feel the way you want to? Can we create a greater sense of ease, or vibrancy to support you?

At Peace Tree, this is supported this month by the 5th Sutra by Yogi Bhajan. “Vibrate the Cosmos, and the Cosmos Shall Clear the Path” partnered with a mantra and mudra. And for a little fun, the 12 Days of Yoga!  Join me Mon and Wed at 9am to experience this.

I will be at the Bow Lake Community Center Mon and Wed at 6pm and Fri at 9am.

Light and Love,


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