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We are firmly entrenched in October. Election day is looming. Covid numbers are up and the days are getting shorter. That’s enough to throw anyone out of sorts! How are you? Stop and take a deep breath. Check in with yourself. It is natural to notice some apprehension, or feel some tension in the body. Take a moment to extend compassion to yourself. These are challenging times. BUT you have everything you need to move through them with grace and ease. You have yoga.

Patanjali teaches us that by restraint of the fluctuations in our mind, we will experience yoga or union; self-realization. This restraint is developed through practice and non-attachment…through asana (poses) and pranayama (breath work)…through self-inquiry and meditation. These tools allow the space for self knowledge and as we deepen our relationship with Self, we can more lovingly meet our needs.

I am reaching out today to remind you that Nourish is a resource you can use to manage your Self-care. We offer classes 7 days a week, all via zoom and most in person. We disinfect the studio after every class and strictly adhere to Covid protocols. We offer discounted rates for teachers, students and seniors. We continue to offer 2 By Donations classes a week. It is more important than ever in these divisive times to feel part of something… a sense of belonging. I want to invite you to return to shala, the Sanskit word for home, to be in community with us.

We are closing the month out with 2 fun events!

Sunday October 25 12-3pm Join Jess Waters for Ancestral Journeying! In this session, learn to use journeying (guided meditation) to seek health and wholeness through understanding and developing our relationship to our ancestors. Ancestral veneration is humankind’s oldest and most widespread spiritual practice, yet many of us in the West are displaced from relationship with or even knowledge of our ancestors. Let’s change that! $55 Sign up here.

Saturday October 31 12-4:30pm and Sunday November 1 11am-1pm Intuition Intensive Join Hilary Crawley, author of The Power of Energy Medicine and practitioner of energy healing, for this workshop designed to bring confidence, calmness and inspiration to your life by claiming your innate intuition. Identify your strongest intuitive senses and abilities. Learn techniques to enhance your well-being. Expand your inner intelligence by understanding the energy that flows around you and within you. $249 Sign up here.

Lastly, in collaboration with Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps, if you purchase an unlimited monthly pass in the month of October, you will receive a Heart of Hope as a token of my appreciation. Nourish only exists because of your support and I am so grateful for you.

Much love,


2 thoughts on “We’ve got you!

  1. So good to read your messages! I do hope all is well with you and your team, family, friends and all the yogis. Here we are also in Covid upswing. I’m a little worried but not too overly. I’m currently taking a three week ears, nose and throat cure in the mountains to see if I can reduce my newly declared asthma and more importantly to help me both get fewer colds and have them for shorter periods of time. It’s an interesting adventure to do a cure (quite well reimbursed by French medical coverage) and I rented a nice apartment so I continue to cook and do stuff like yoga via Zoom. I guess I didn’t know that you have moved to Zoom too. But I have scheduled 2 one and a half hour yoga classes each week, so that’s enough for now. All the best, and much namasté. Joan

    1. How interesting! I hope it helps you! The schedule is up on the website and you can access all classes from there if you ever want to zoom in. ❤️

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