What do you choose?

We have spent the last five days contemplating the yamas or self-restraints. Now, we move on to the second limb, called the niyamas which include virtuous habits, behaviors and observances. Like the Yamas, there are five niyamas. Today, we will look at the the first one, Saucha meaning purity or clearness of mind, speech and body.

I can appreciate how this can appear lofty, but lets simplify it a little bit. Saucha is an opportunity to “clean up your act” and there are so many ways to do it!
You can observe your habits and refine those that don’t serve your highest good.
You can create a more orderly environment which allows you more space for reflection.
You can begin to be more mindful about what you eat and drink and listen to what your body wants.
You can even “purify” your mind by choosing positivity!

Just imagine! You have the power within you to think pure (positive) thoughts, and by doing so, you create more purity within and without you.

Today, I ask you to choose to meditate upon positive, pure thoughts and send them into the world in hopes of adding good to it.

In light and love,


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