“What do you do?” Well, let me tell you…..

This has a been a recurring conversation since I started handing out my business cards and hosting my “Parlour Talks”. What do I do? Well, let me tell you!


“What the hell does that mean?”, you ask. It means that I engage speakers for my intimate Parlour Talks that address issues and concerns my peers are having. I also create Ladies Days so that I can revel in the friendships of women and experience laughter and engage in uplifting conversations. I run 21 Day Fix Accountability Groups as a means to teaching women that self-care can be empowering and loving, not punitive. I also facilitate an online life coaching program called TRANSFORM that teaches mindfulness and self reflection to create change and evolution. Lastly, but not least, I teach yoga Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays at 9 am at Peace Tree Yoga in Northwood, NH because the beginning of MY journey was my love for the teachings of yoga and I became passionate about sharing them.

So, hopefully, you are seeing a theme here. I am committed to supporting women in their personal journey whether it be reclaiming their health, learning to observe negative thought patterns to create change or just to have fun! Isn’t this amazing? Aren’t I so very fortunate to be living a life that supports this endeavor? I am filled with gratitude and love. Do you want to be living your life fully and with joy also. Contact me! Let’s talk about ways to support this for you!

In love.


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