What next?

Nothing like having a procedure the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and then, waking up on Wednesday to full blown vertigo. Seriously. I took a few minutes to feel sorry for myself. Well, maybe a few hours…no judging. I called the Dr and got a prescription of meclizine to slow the spin and made an appointment to figure out why this has been recurring so frequently.  I  allowed my husband and sons to step up to prepare the house and food for Thanksgiving and I plotted. I mean, what else can you do when laying in bed is your only comfortable, non nausea-inducing option?

So….what was I plotting? Let me tell you!

I was plotting the future of DANGER TITS! Burlesque and what I want our troupe to look like and offer. I was considering what I want to manifest in 2019 with my CirqFit Lyra Teaching certification under my belt, as well as my Red, Hot & Ladylike Burlesque teacher training almost complete. How can I offer these exciting and empowering forms of movement to my students without over taxing myself? And then, the retreats! I will continue hosting the Peace Tree Yoga Fall Retreat with Ruth because it brings me so much joy to collaborate with her. I will also be offering a Chrysalis Retreat and am looking at a venue in Kennebunk to determine if that is viable for our special group of ladies.

Ultimately, I am plotting how best to inspire women to seek self-expression in movement, to be empowered as they embrace  and celebrate their unique form. How to live their fullest, most joy-filled life surrounded by like minded women.

So…..stay tuned. Ladies’ Nights will be coming soon followed by fun circus art lyra sessions. If this is of interest to you, comment so I can be sure to reach out personally as these take shape and get scheduled.

So much love to you!



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