Writing from Your Core: A Healing Workshop for Women

With Sandra Guzmán and Lisa Rockenmacher

Are you in need to some time to reflect and recharge?
How do you feel about your current state?
What are memories that come up?
How might you access perspectives that support healing?

Nourish is so pleased to host these two impactful woman for this important and timely workshop.

Sandra Guzmán is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker. She has dedicated her art to amplifying the voices and stories of marginalized people and communities in various media platforms— magazines, newspapers, television, books, film, and the web. Learn more about her at www.sandraguzman.com.

Lisa Rockenmacher M.A.T., ERYT- 500 and YACEP, is the founder and director of Sky and Stars Yoga and Healing. She has decades of experience as an educator, energy worker, yoga teacher, and tarot reader. Her mission is to connect you to your deepest wisdom, clarity, well-being, and truth.

Our Writing from Your Core: A Healing Workshop is intended to offer us each a chance to digest and recharge. Healing words and stories can not only lift our spirits, but also have the power to bring harmony to our molecular structure and increase our overall well-being.

This daylong workshop is dedicated to healing through movement and writing.

In a supportive and welcoming community, we will share a yoga practice, adaptive and inclusive to all, paired with expressive writing techniques. Guided prompts will help us identify our negative thought patterns and the stories that are not nourishing to our mental health. Painting a portrait of our wounds with words gives us a chance to lay the groundwork to clarify and shift traumatic narratives to healing stories. Writing your deepest thoughts in ½ hour sessions has been proven to relieve stress and boost the immune system. Together we will explore this transformative power.

Through our conscious movement and storytelling, we will have a chance to integrate our emotions, express ourselves, and align with our hearts–where all inner and outer healing begins.

All are welcome! You do not need to consider yourself a “writer” or a “yogi”– just someone who is interested in exploring how movement, words and writing can be a source of healing.

Covid Precautions- Event will be held outside, weather permitting
If indoors- windows will be open and number of attendees is limited to ensure social distancing.

Saturday 8/8/2020 10-4:30

Lunch break 12:30-2. Either bring a lunch or plan to order local takeout (vegetarian options), tea and snacks included.

To claim your spot, sign up here.