Yin Yoga with Lois

In a Yin Yoga class, students hold asanas for longer lengths of time,
enabling deep connective tissue (fascia, joints and ligaments) to relax. 
This, in turn, helps to develop increased flexibility and mobility. A sense 
of peace will occur naturally, as the body moves into deeper spaces 
and internal chatter falls away.
The Yin segment of class lasts one hour, followed by a 15 min. 
Yoga Nidra session, which is a total body and mind relaxation using 
body scans and guided imagery in a safe space.
Props and blankets are available at the studio, or you are welcome to 
use your own.
Body temperatures can drop during a yin session, so a bring an extra layer to keep you cozy.
Leave feeling relaxed inside and out, 
transcending the ordinary world. Space is limited to 20 persons. Sign up here.